Flexible javascript charting library
for data exploration.

Designed with passion and taste :)

Download latest release (2.8.0)

Clear API. Use declarative API to map seamlessly dataset columns to visual properties

Facets. Explore data patterns across different segments in one chart

Plugins. Get trendline, annotations, layers and export to PNG out of the box.

Have some sophisticated needs? Write your own plugin!


We tried a lot of chart libraries during the last few years and I can really say that TauCharts is the best open source solution! What we love is that you can adapt design, ux, ui and product requirements according to your own needs. I would also want to pay our respect to TauChart’s team for great support and personal care.

Dima Dudin (CTO KUKU.io)

I ​​*really*​​ enjoy taucharts api and chart facets... I would love to see taucharts get more adoption. You all have done a really nice job with it!

Rick Bergfalk (creator of SqlPad)

The most exciting part is the switch to @taucharts for the charting capabilities. SqlPad charting is on a whole new level now

Rick Bergfalk (creator of SqlPad)

TauCharts definitely has a “grammar of graphics” feel about it and the default aesthetics are super-nifty.

Bob Rudis aka @hrbrmstr

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